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About Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management

Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management began in 2013 and was formally known as STMS Forestry Services. Our Director, Lorraine started Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management after finishing homeschooling all of her children and coming to a cross-road as what to do next with her life.

Lorraine was contracted as a ‘Lollypop Lady’ on a couple of forestry projects and that is where the passion for the industry started. After working in the industry for a short time, Lorraine realised that there was a need in the Nelson Region for qualified, efficient, safe and competent Traffic Management services, so after saving $5,000, Lorraine took a leap of faith and purchased her very first set of signs and began slowly employing local friends and family to help on site.

Eight years later NMTM is still owned and operated by Lorraine, who to this day still employs family members and locals who often end up becoming good friends.

Here at NMTM, we are so proud of Lorraine, as in 2021 she was awarded the Outstanding Regional Services Performance award from Top of the South Forestry Awards. This solidifies and recognises the hard work and passion that Lorraine has for providing outstanding services to all of our clients and reflects the teams efforts in assisting with this.

Recently, when Lorraine was asked to describe what Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management was ‘all about’, Lorraine’s response was “We are locals, who employ locals and serve locals”.

Which is why when you do business with Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management, not only are you supporting a small family owned and operated local business, you’re also supporting all of the locals that we employ and we are so grateful to you for that!

Lorraine TOPS award speech

NMTM receiving the TOPS Outstanding Regional Service Provider Award 2021

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